Phil Mill Stand

I've been a little frustrated with my Phil Mill ever since I got it. I'm not totally bashing the product; it really does do what I expected it to. It's just a mess and a little difficult to run. As a solution, I finally got around to making a stand to put it on. My goals for the stand were to make something to catch the grain as it comes out of the mill, mount it in such a way that I don't need to involve my picnic table, keep the dust to a minimum and keep my hands free to feed grain into the hopper.

I did all of this by cutting a square of 3/4" plywood slightly larger than the top of a 5 gallon bucket. Then I cut a small square in the middle for the business end of the Phil Mill to fit through. I attached a few scraps of 1x to the bottom of the plywood to keep it centered on the bucket. To the top, I added a few pieces of 1x and a 2x4 to mount the mill to. I'm using the J shaped hooks and wing nuts that came with the mill to attach the mill to the 2x4. The 2x4 is held slightly above the plywood with scraps of 1x so that the mounting hooks will fit under the 2x4.

This arrangement didn't provide as much clearance as I had hoped, so I ended up making some notches in the plywood for the drill chuck to turn in and for the adjustment screw to turn in.

Finally, I attached a 2x4 to the top sticking out about 1/2 a foot from the edge for the handle of the drill to rest against. This will let me lock the drill in the on position so I can have my hands free to tend to the adjustment screw and keeping the hopper full.

As usual for a Bumpus construction project this was accomplished entirely without the use of measuring tape, straight edge or other measuring device.

Pictures below:

Top of Phil Mill Stand
Top View

Back of Phil Mill Stand
Back Side

Right Side of Phil Mill Stand
Right Side, notice the adjustment screw

Top of Phil Mill Stand
Top view of right side

Drill attachment to Phil Mill Stand
Top view of drill attachment

Left Side of Phil Mill Stand
Left Side

Bottom of Phil Mill Stand

Bottom of Phil Mill Stand