Oatmeal Stout

One of the big things that drew me to doing all grain brewing was the ability to make styles that can't be done with extract + steeping specialty grains. The most notable of these for me is Oatmeal Stout, but somehow I haven't gotten around to actually making one until now. This recipe is a bit of my own creation, based on some other recipes I've looked at online and what I happened to have aroud for ingredients.

When I was stirring in the mash it occurred to me that not only is this the first time I've done an all grain oatmeal stout, it's the first time I've made an all grain dark beer of any sort. I guess I've been brewing all grain when the weather is suitable for working outside and I tend to think of lighter colored beers when the weather is warm. Anyway, the black mash is quite a contrast to the wit I made last week.




Mug of Pale Ale