Honey Brown

Due to lack of suitable brewing weather, I've not been able to do a repeat brew of my Pale Ale. I had planned to brew it four time in a row and reuse the yeast cake since I had good results with that last summer. This gave me a chance to experiment with yeast washing. I poured off the sediment from the pale ale from the bottom of my primary fermenter/bucket and saved it in a mason jar under a layer of boiled and cooled water.

After a few days of watching my poor yeast sit all lonely in the fridge, I grew bored and ordered another extract/specialty grains kit from Northern Brewer. As I started to brew this batch, I noticed that the included smack pack was more of the #1056 that I use for my pale ale. I decided that pitching both the smack pack and the jar of harvested yeast would probably help me get primary fermentation finished quickly and the bucket ready for possible weekend brewing, so I went ahead and did just that.




Pint of Honey Brown Ale